What if I lost my TVC?
Whether it's lost or damaged, relax. Take a valid ID and passport photograph to an INEC LGA office in your area. It's best to do this 30 days before there's an election in your constituency.
What if I lost my PVC?
Just copy and paste the steps like with TVC above.
How do I transfer my PVC after moving to a new residence?
Write a letter to INEC's Resident Commissioner in the state you live.

Attach your Voter's Card to the letter. To avoid stories that touch, make a photocopy of the letter and your voter's card.

Now, take the letter to the INEC office in your current LGA.

They'll give you a new polling unit, and tell INEC in Abuja to print a new card for you.

Better initiate this process well ahead of December 18, 2018. Again, try to avoid stories that touch.
What should I do when officials refuse to register me even when I have all required documents?
It's annoying, but don't swear for them or tell them "YOUR FATHER". Just relax and call INEC's line on 0700-2255-4632. They'll deal with them.
How do I locate a PVC registration centre?
Start from your LGA's INEC office. Or just check here:
Is my PVC from 2011 or 2015 still valid?
Of course. You can even confirm the validity here:
Can I get my PVC over the weekend?
From August 1 till 5pm August 31, 2018, you'll be able to register for your PVC. 9-5pm daily. Mondays to Sundays. Even on Public Holidays. However, after the 17th of August, you won't be able to register until after the 2019 General Elections. You don't register now, you don't get to vote in 2019!
How much does it cost to get a PVC?
It's free of charge. Shout out to INEC!
Can I sell my PVC?
No. Respect yourself abeg.


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